MEET provides financial grants and technical support, in order to promote sustainable environmental management and natural resource utilisation practices at community level.

The following are some of the objectives:

  • To provide financial and technical assistance to a range service providers to enable them to develop or enhance their capacity to work effectively with communities.
  • To enter into partnership with environmental and conservation related business ventures that have clear positive ecological and socio-economic impacts.
  • To support effective and widespread environmental education and information campaigns that raise peoples’ understanding of the state of their environment and the roles they can play in solving local environmental issues.
  • To support the establishment and development of networks, partnerships and associations that will improve the implementation of Environmental and Natural Resource Management (ENRM) activities.
  • To support the adoption of efficient, appropriate and renewable energy technologies and sources through cooperation with the private sector, service providers and appropriate community based interventions.

To learn more about the Grant Disbursement Policy and the Grant application procedures,  and to download the MEET Concept Paper please click on the links.